Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last Saturday my former student and current jiu-jitsu teammate Zach Baltierra helped me count and organize the gis that have been donated for the Give the Gift of a Gi program. I needed the help and he needed some community service hours for his junior project.
Here we are with some of the donations we have received. Zach was charged with separating them by size, which was not easy because different maufacturers use different systems and many tags were hard to read after many washings. Kids gis, especially, are all labeled differently, K1, M2, 000.
Doing our best to get things organized!



My meticulous record keeping looks more like a hieroglyphic version of Excel, but it makes sense to me. And in the end our total was 100 gis! I am happy to report that we have already exceeded our goal. Fabiana Borges donated two gis this week when I visited her gym in San Antonio. So we are over the top and ready for a new goal.
All done. They are sorted and boxed, or bagged; the ones in need of repair have been identified; Zach did his good deed and I just carry on! That is a picture of my daughter, Carly, in the background. I know that she is a positive force contributing to the joy this project is bringing me.
Thanks for all of the support.

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  1. I'm so proud of everything about you guys! Go "go"!

    Janet Green, thewordverve inc.