Monday, May 26, 2014

THANKS to you for helping!

Luciano is on his way to Santa Ana airport in preparation for his competition on Thursday. He will train and be hosted by Giva Santana and his wife Erica for a couple of days and then by Kerstin Pakter and Team Hyperfly. Making this experience possible is the culmination of support and positive energy from a great many people. I would like to acknowledge them here:

·        For Carly’s generous spirit that inspires me every day to be a better person, and my family who has endured several months of couch-surfers, piles of gis, giving rides, not enough snacks – ever, and has kept smiles on their faces the entire time … at least when I’m around. Love you

·         Jean Carlos Freitas: It was his idea to try and bring Luciano here

·         The Challenged Athlete Foundation: For making funding available for such endeavors

·         The CarlyStowellFoundation and JamminBJJ

·         Kerstin Pakter and Hyperfly: for providing Luciano’s first gi, his new gi and gear, and for a loving place to stay

·         Rick Geist, Mike Baltierra, Kris Shaw and BJJ Legends, Maple Valley Reporter, Gracie Mag and BQB Publishing, for the publicity, social media updates and website changes

·         James Foster and Team Foster: For the never-ending encouragement and sharing of goodwill;  for being role models of the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle and always having my back

·         Giva and Erica Santana: for hosting Luciano before the tournament and providing training

·         Debbie Foster and Sam Geist: for tailoring and patch-putting-on-ing on Luciano’s new gi

·         Javier and Revolver MMA for designing Luciano’s commemorative t-shirt

·         Devin Bauman for the shirts and printing

·         All of you who have purchased a shirt to help the cause!

·         Cashquinha Guimaraes, Paulo Marcio and Top Brother in Brazil

·         Ian Wood for communication resources

·         Hellem for giving me confidence with my Portuguese

And THANK YOU to all of you out there whose names I might not know, but who I know are supporting this quest. It is a life changing experience for an inspiring young man. We can all learn something from him. If you see us at Worlds, be sure to come up and say hi. Don’t be surprised if he wants a picture with you J
Check out an album of pictures from his trip so far on the JamminBJJ FaceBook page.

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